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Our History

Profitskorbitt is a subsidiary company of Profitskorbitt Plc which as you may know is one of the biggest companies in the world. Here at Profitskorbitt, our investors comes first in everything we do which is why our parent company has been around for over 100 years and counting because we always deliver on our words and promise.

Created in 2012, Profitskorbitt came into the investment market with the primary objective of ensuring that we give as many people who are interested in investing in the financial market, a genuine encounter with the investment market. In our quest to assist other people in achieving their lifetime goal(s), we saw this as a window to help others and we are not looking back, which defines our passion. There is also no gainsaying the fact that one investment can be a life-line to fall back to, and as such, should be embraced by all and failure to do so is doing it at your risk. Although many may not see the need to invest, however, the importance of investing cannot be overemphasized as it gives you something to fall back to in times of need. At a time when you need to make that decision that will change your life with financial involvement, Profitskorbitt is readily available to help you invest your money especially in securities where your dividends are highly assured within a very short period of time. This is not only limited to those who are coming into the financial market afresh as our doors are open to experts who may not be new entrants into the market.

It is worthy of mention that in our bid to reach out to as many people as possible, especially traders, Profitskorbitt joined the Facebook community two years ago to see how we can fully utilize the potentials of the Facebook marketing strategy. Ours is a business that does not only derive its strength from genuinely addressing market needs with a very high sense of sincerity and professionalism but also to manage traders funds reliably. Within one year of successful fund management services in the country, we extended our operations to the international market thereby attracting investor’s interest with increased subscription in line with global best practices.

In 2013, the founders of Profitskorbitt went ahead to sponsor inventions and innovations. Till date, not only are the founding fund managers and active traders with Profitskorbitt operating under individual operations but this has been extended to an array of private funds. Our cumulative income from Assets Under Management (AUM) worth about USD 80m also grew within the range of USD 200 million in 2014. In our quest for expansion, we took our infrastructure to the retail market in 2015 where our complete institutional framework, liquidity, and clearance engine was leveraged on to provide the flow for the retail market.

Before 2014, the founding fund managers and active traders of Profitskorbitt sailed their separate ships before they finally merged to sail together and within one year, the founders of Profitskorbitt decided to implement collective structures. However, that same year, while fund management services were still offered for public subscription, the founders put an end to multiple funds offerings to the public and in place, introduced a single closed fund with a private company with the aim of ensuring discreet fund management practices, thereby reducing opportunities for commercialization by various providers.

The new site for Profitskorbitt https://profitskorbitt.com was also launched with white, blue, and grey as primary colors. Apart from complementing each other, the colors also have great symbolism. While the white color symbolized purity and transparency which is a symbolism of our transparency in business transactions, customer support and payout procedures, the blue color represents an appealing uniqueness personifying trading. The grey color stands for the wisdom applied towards achieving positive results from our successful trade. The choice of these friendly colors were informed by our firm believe that our customers deserve to be comfortable with doing business with us. Profitskorbitt has software it regularly uses for examination as a way of measuring client’s satisfaction from services rendered. Our company has maintained a 98% satisfaction rating among its short-term and long-term clients. In the United States of America, Profitskorbitt remains a part of the Investors Compensation Fund (ICF) and is a signatory in Europe.

It is because we are known not only for developing but also using the most effective investment mechanism that both novice investors and professionals in the foreign exchange market are using our services because they understand that our services are justifiable. We are keenly interested in establishing a long-term and productive cooperation with all our investors and to appreciate the benefits we offer you, kindly open an account with Profitskorbitt and Profitskorbitt Pro Software and you will be sure of a high level return on investment.